How to Improve your Volley


You need a solid and consistent volley when are going to get to the net. Players do mistakes when they come over the ball with wrist flick for volley. This results inconsistent volleys. So, what are the techniques to follow to improve volley?
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How to Deal with Loopers



Today’s lesson is what to do when someone hits a looper? There are two options for you. Either option you can choose to deal with looper:

How to Improve Your One Handed Backhand


One handed backhand is a premier shot of the game and will always be there. How can you improve this shot?

  • Never try too hard. It just needs effortless swing away from your body. As long as you hit it upfront, timing will be good and the shot will be effortless without spending too much energy which is an advantage of one handed backhand shot. Continue Reading